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Welcome to BLG

You set the goals, we do the rest

Sky is the limit!

You set the goals, we do the rest!

We know committing to a certain schedule is hard, especially in such a fast-paced lifestyle. We are here to help you solve this issue! We offer personalized coaching sessions specially tailored for you, your schedule, and your needs.

Don't miss out on health and fitness anymore!

Are  you a social animal?

We got you covered! Launching dynamic and all-levels group classes in our new sister venue in Zurich! Over 200 square meters of modern equipment, good music, and contagious energy await you!

Meet minds alike, have that chit chat and we’ll do the rest.

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Our Services

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Meet the new studio

Specialized in group trainning, our sister venue is a high-energy group workout studio where we get fit and unleash the fitness party! Bring your friends, meet new ones, and let's create an electric atmosphere that will boost your motivation!

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