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Group Workout Classes

Get ready to sweat it out in our awesome Group Workout classes! Discover great options to get started on your fitness journey! Take advantage of these great opportunities and kickstart your fitness goals today!

Personal training

Personal training it's a great way to work out when you have very specific goals or your schedule is simply hectic. 

We count on a wide range of personal trainers that fit any sort of request.

Choose one of our personal trainers and start your tailored coaching as soon as this week!


Monthly Package


CHF 1'920.-

16 personal trainings per month

CHF 120 .- / h


CHF 1'560.-

12 personal trainings per month


CHF 130 .- / h


CHF 1'120.-

8 personal trainings per month

CHF 140 .- / h

Single & 10 session bundle


CHF 160.-

10 Sessions

CHF 1'500.-

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