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Group Workouts

At our gym, we believe in four core principles: Variety, Expertise, Community, and Fun. Together, they form the foundation of our philosophy, creating an unparalleled fitness experience that leaves you motivated, inspired, and excited to come back for more.



Pop-Up group classes

Special Offer:

Get ready to sweat it out in our awesome Pop-up classes! While our brand-new gym is still in the works, you can join in for just CHF 20. Don't miss out on this fantastic deal – book your spot today

Why Group Classes?

Group workouts offer motivation, social interaction, and a sense of community. Led by trained instructors, they provide structured guidance and variety.


Our commitment is to offer a wide range of group workouts, carefully designed to accommodate various fitness levels. We understand that everyone has different starting points, and our goal is to empower you by helping you discover your true potential.


Official HYROX Partner Gym 

HYROX is a unique fitness competition that combines functional fitness exercises with running. Participants complete a series of workouts, such as rowing, sled pushes, burpees, and more, followed by a running segment. The goal is to push your limits and test your strength, endurance, and mental toughness.


Book your class

Take a look at our available slots and book the most convenient one for you! Hurry up because the pop up deal is really hot!



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Class formats

We offer a wide variety of class formats, each one of them aiming to work out different parts of the body and mind. At our gym, we have specialized coaches for each discipline so that you make the max out of your training with us.


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